Cultural Festival and Niebüll Visit – 24 to 29 September 2020

Our great new venture, which we have been talking about since 2017, is now taking off. During next year we plan to hold a good many events and exhibitions in Malmesbury, Niebüll and Gien to celebrate our cultural links, 66 years of contact with Niebüll, and 20 years of Twinning with Gien. Julia Bowen has taken the lead, and now has joint organisers in Diana Klüger in Niebüll, and Annie Mas in Gien.

Events are being planned to include Community Choir / Pourquoi Pas performances in Gien in April or May, Joint Arts and Crafts exhibitions in all three towns. A musical collaboration between young musicians in the three towns, hopefully to be available on the internet, with recording of Malmesbury Bellringers , a joint embroidery project, and many other things.

In Malmesbury this will culminate in the last week of September, alongside the Flying Monk Arts Trail. It will involve,  an arts and craft exhibition in the Town Hall, including items from Weavers and Ceramicists from Niebüll; a performance in the Abbey by The Meerklang Saxophone Quartet from Niebüll; a photographic exhibition;and a selection of those musical collaborations which will have been recorded. There will also be art and craft workshops for young people, celebrating the cultures of our three towns and countries.This is so exciting. We hope you will be interested to get involved. If you are, please do contact Julia.