Visit from Gien 17 – 22 August 2017

We had an excellent visit to Malmesbury in August 2017 with 26 friends from Gien, including a deputy mayor and members of their choral society, tennis club and folk dancers.  The group involved many new visitors to Malmesbury entertained by several new hosts in the town.  Our guests were welcomed officially by the Mayor, President of the Association.

Visits included a delightful tour of Dyrham Park and House, where the deer came out to greet us.  A visit to Clifton, the suspension bridge and then a tour of Bristol was especially appreciated.  A tour of the town was of interest both to new visitors and some returners. A copy of the tour guide is here.  More information about Malmesbury’s history can be found at the Athelstan Museum. And a visit to Special Plants at Cold Ashton delighted the many green-fingered participants both from Gien and Malmesbury.  The visit finished with an excellent meal at the Horse Guards, Brokenborough.

Some fascinating reflections on the visit from one of our new hosts, Fran Vandelli, can be seen here.

Some photographs of the visit can be found in the Gallery, at the Gien Visit to Malmesbury 2017 tab,  and a report on the visit in the Wilts and Glos Standard can be seen here: