Momentous Exchanges for Armistice 2018

During our exchange visits this year we also planed ensuring we all came together for the Armistice Centenary Commemoration, to remember the horrors of war and the need for peace.  Eight representatives from Malmesbury went to Gien (Deputy Mayor Julie Exton representing the town; Cllr Philip Exton representing the Royal British Legion; Warden Mike Westmacott representing the Warden and Freemen; Ethan Doyley and his mother Sarah representing the Air Cadets; Harry Holder and his mother Rebecca representing Malmesbury School; and Catherine Doody representing the Twinning Association.  They were joined by the Council and Twinning Chairs from Niebüll Cllrs Uwe Christiansen and Anja Cornils.  In Malmesbury we welcomed from Gien Deputy Mayor Stéphane Cornée, Town Council representative Cllr Christiane Damion, Mariniers de la Loire representatives Patrick and Annie Gaspard, and Twinning representative Patrick Dujardin, alongside Bürgermeister Wilfried Bockholt from Niebüll and former twinning president Diana Klüger.

There were wonderful and successful commemorations in both towns, and it was so wonderful to have our Niebüll friends with us as well.  This has enormously strengthened the “trimelage” between the three towns.

Wilfried Bockholt made some personal observations at the reception after the Remembrance Service here in Malmesbury, which have been wonderfully received here in Malmesbury by many who heard them.