Gien Visit 2018

We had a wonderful visit to Gien in June, with 27 people from Malmesbury.  We had a great sports day on the Sunday (nothing too energetic) at the Margots out at Coullons, when we all learned the intriguing new game of Molkky (and ten people bought sets to bring home).  We were also entertained royally, not only by our hosts but by a dance exposition by the group “Quick and Slow”, who were past European champions; and a choral concert by the wonderful community choir “Pourquoi Pas”.  Our visit to the monastery town of La Charité on the Loire was on a gloriously hot day, with a fascinating guide supplemented by cool beers and ice cream.  Many of our visitors were new, and we have had feedback, especially about the travel arrangements, which we will address in our future visits.

John Fairhurst, one of new visitors, has written a note both about this visit, and about being a host for the Niebüll visit.