Twinning Cultural Celebration 2021

The idea of celebrating the culture of the three towns, Malmesbury, Gien and Niebull grew out of discussions about ways in which we could strengthen and deepen our relationships with each other.

Cultural links such as music and dance, joint art and photographic exhibitions had been planned for this year 2020, which is also the 20th Anniversary of the signing of the official Twinning agreement between Gien and Malmesbury.
Another reason to celebrate.

For obvious reasons, all plans have been put on hold and will now take place during 2021.

A lovely example of a joint endeavour is the exchanging of specially designed embroideries, each separately depicting the two towns of Gien and Malmesbury.
These will be exchanged as an Anniversary gift to celebrate 20 years (well, now 21!) and exhibited in respective Town Halls.

Planned joint Music workshops, Art and Photographic exhibitions (Malmesbury, Niebull and Gien) will take place during next year’s re-scheduled exchange visits.
For example, Malmesbury Twinning will be part of the Flying Monk Arts weekend at the end of September 2021, with contributions from weavers and potters from Niebull and potters and painters from Gien.

We also plan an exciting project in the form of a music video involving Malmesbury people, shops, cafe’s, young people (and anyone else we can persuade!)
Dressing-up, face paint and local musicians will be involved!
This is intended to be used as a video installation during the September exhibition and will then be shared with Gien and Niebull.

Watch this page for updates and information as to how you to get involved.

So, fingers crossed, Cultural Celebration 2021 will be even bigger and better than planned for 2020.