Spanish Dinner 1 March 2019

The Spanish dinner originally scheduled for  Friday 1 February at Goss Croft Hall, Seagry was cancelled, due to the snow. The dinner has been re-arranged for Friday, 1 March. Doors open at 6:30pm with dinner starting at 7:00pm.  .  If you have tickets and can still come, that’s great.  If you need a refund orRead more

Gien Visit 2018

We had a wonderful visit to Gien in June, with 27 people from Malmesbury.  We had a great sports day on the Sunday (nothing too energetic) at the Margots out at Coullons, when we all learned the intriguing new game of Molkky (and ten people bought sets to bring home).  We were also entertained royally,Read more

Niebüll Visit 2018

At the end of August we had ten visitors from Niebüll, including some new friends.  On the Friday we did a visit to the Caen Hill flight and it was intriguing how unknown and fascinating this engineering miracle was.  It was followed by a visit to the Wadworth Brewery.  Their hand-painted pub signs, and theRead more

Primary School Christmas Card Exchange

The Primary School has also set up a wonderful contact with the Central Primary School in Gien, led by Mrs Debbie Collinson here in Malmesbury and Mr Stephane Le Bris in Gien.  They met during the Gien visit this year and pupils are exchanging information between them.  Language is a challenge at this level, butRead more

Visit from Gien 17 – 22 August 2017

We had an excellent visit to Malmesbury in August 2017 with 26 friends from Gien, including a deputy mayor and members of their choral society, tennis club and folk dancers.  The group involved many new visitors to Malmesbury entertained by several new hosts in the town.  Our guests were welcomed officially by the Mayor, PresidentRead more

Niebüll Visit 6 – 11 July 2017

Malmesbury had a wonderful visit to Niebüll in July, significantly more successful and harmonious than the G10 meeting that the group passed by at Hamburg on its way to Niebüll. The group of 11 visitors also paralleled a somewhat bigger visit from Malmesbury School to the Friedrich Paulsen School in Niebüll. The visit included tripsRead more

Website Funding

The new Malmesbury twinning Website has gone live in March 2017. We hope this is really helpful to you in finding out about.

We especially want to thank the following without whom we would have not achieved this. To:

Malmesbury Carnival and to the Wiltshire Council Malmesbury Area Board for their munificent grants to allow us to put together the funds to launch the website.
Wood McKeever Agency who have under the creation and construction of the site
Mr Tim Fitzgerald who has helped enormously in editing and managing the site