About us

About us

Our origins

Town twinning, exchanges and international friendship have been a part of Malmesbury since the 1950s.  The Twinning Association is a voluntary and members’ organisation set up to assist the Town Council in this work. We aim to promote friendship between Malmesbury and its people and those of Niebüll in Germany, Gien in France, and any other town with which Malmesbury has a twinning agreement or friendship link. We also encourage and organise visits to and from our linked towns particularly by young people, and the development of contacts to broaden cultural, recreational, educational, religious and commercial links and understanding.

Our organisation

We are a members’ organisation, but because of the link with the role of the Town Council the Mayor of Malmesbury is always our President and two members of the Town Council always serve on our committee.  We have individual and family members, and also organisational and corporate members.  All members pay a small annual contribution towards the work of the Association. Membership is open to everyone from Malmesbury, its surrounding areas, and anyone who is interested in the development of Malmesbury’s international links.  Our constitution can be seen here, as can our latest newsletter to members (October 2019).

Our current officers, elected at the AGM each May, are:

President: Mayor of Malmesbury
Chair: Mrs Julia Bowen – Email julia.bowen@hotmail.co.uk
Vice-Chair: Mrs Sue Poole – Email suejpoole48@gmail.com
Secretary: Mr Glyn Davies – Email glynandlinda.davies@btinternet.com
Treasurer: Mr Phil Exton – Email  exton59@aol.com

Other committee members are:
Cllr Julie Exton, Cllr Philip Exton, Mrs Jean Fitzgerald, Mr Bryan Gale, Mrs Zofie Gale,  Mr Ray Sanderson, Mr Robin Schofield, Ms Zoe Stacey, Mrs Jill Stephens, Mr Stefano Vandelli and town council representative Cllr Catherine Doody.